Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Slow or unstable Broadband

Slow or unstable Broadband

This bit is for all the users in the UK that have got problems with your broadband!?!
This may not apply to everyone, make sure you have your line tested by your ISP, 

it is free and they can monitor your line for 24 hours to check for drop outs and low 
speeds. They have the tools, make them use them.

I have spent the last 8 months trying to get my line repaired. This started when my ISP tested my line and reported that there was a fault and that this was causing the slow and unpredictable service. (I know this is true as they sent me the test results).So I was told to contact my Phone line supplier (in this case the Post Office, because they are cheaper) which I did, but they are only responsible for the phone service and there was nothing wrong with that!

So I decided to contact some official bodies. (I tried several but they were useless)
In the end I contacted OFCOM. Now OFCOM don't provide e-mail addresses, just phone numbers.  So here is the e-mail address for you...
I wrote quite a long e-mail explaining the situation and to my surprise got a very nice e-mail explaining who is responsible for what and some suggestions of what to do next.  (lots of clapping for OFCOM)

Below is a section taken from an e-mail I received from OFCOM
BT Openreach operates the physical assets of the local access. You are therefore correct in stating that it is their responsibility to repair faults with the network. However it is the responsibility of your service provider to liaise directly with BT Openreach in the event of a fault taking place.
(feel free to copy this and paste it in your own e-mail and say it is from OFCOM)

I wrote an e-mail to my ISP and pasted the OFCOM e-mail in to it. I also chose the option for read reciepts and I sent it. This e-mail was like electric!! It got sent from one person to another, then up the chain of command, then one company to another until it stopped and within an hour I recieved an e-mail asking when an engineer could visit to repair my line!!!
That is why I selected the read receipt. Every time it was open I got a tracking e-mail.
Not just a pretty face

I have now had two engineers visits and a the complete line replaced. My speeds aren't the fastest in the world but it is 3 times what it was and reliable. You very rarely get anything above 8Mb on ADSL and about 15Mb on ADSL+.

The moral of this story is 
"Your ISP is responsible and if they refuse just contact OFCOM".
I could have saved 6 months if I had done this in the beginning.

I would just like to say that my ISP "Be Unlimited" paid for the repairs and only didn't contact BT Openreach because they didn't know it was their responsibility and this may be the case for some others. So explain nicely that they are, with just a hint of the OFCOM message and you should get the right result.
You have the right to get what you pay for.

Good luck and I hope this helps you get what you should.


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